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1 Hey UPDATE HERE! on Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:31 am

Ok everyone, so guess what, my laptop started to work magically the other night. So literally I will not lie I have been on this thing since 10:00pm Sunday and I am still on it 7:21am Monday. I have been struggling through codes and so forth and so forth.

But hey I'm sure the observant people can see what I have updated. Look to your right. You see that nice "slightly" purdy section Called PROFILE VIEW. Yup you can click all your nice little profile right there. I am working on a pop out window, that will allow you to look at your own profile and others. And I am working on the CSS code for the profile itself to look SORTA like facebook. Only say facebook to give you an image of what I am doing.

Also if you go into the post you can now see your avatar is the first thing. The your name and all the gummy stuff. Also I changed the look alot...

See here>>>

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You see the difference between the two? Ok hope you do lol.

Also there is a countdown for next clan ops on the left, yes I know broken code, I am working on my own. Or I'm contemplating taking it out completely. Also If you go under your profile you will see new selections.

One is called Group

Please select your group, which all of you still are Junior Members.

Oh and in your profile will be a level looking bar in there. Its a bonus XP bar, I'm still working on that as well. Also working on handing out your XP for the Clan Ops. Just got real tied up in the coding.

Oh and look down corner right of the screen. See that little blue ChatBox? Click, its a pop out Chat. So you can chat and scroll through the pages Smile

Ugh all this hex codes, binary, CSS, HTML, and XHTML leaving me wiped out.

Good night or should I say good morning.

Thank guys

*Oh an I'm working on a few special codes for you all as well..

And serious note, would you guys want Free Games on here??? Maybe to get you more interested. Lemme know down there \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

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2 Re: Hey UPDATE HERE! on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:13 pm

Im going to say no on the games. We need to get the people in here that are not coming, and I dont want to lure them here with the idea of games. I want them here just for the site.

The only time you are safe is when you are dead. Expect us!!!

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